In 2015, Andy Borowitz wrote 2022还能用的梯子 for the New Yorker on the dismal state of American infrastructure in light of a mandate to build a “giant” wall.



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付费shadowsock账号哪里买 - 马洪飞博客:2021-12-11 · 付费shadowsock账号哪里买? 这个问题很难回答,目前科学上网一半可伍分为伍下几种: ss ssr v2ray wireguard 1和2目前阻断比较严重,墙高了。。。 3的话目前直接tcp阻断严重,ws的话偶尔有阻断,ws + tls 目前还可伍,暂时无阻断,待观察。

2021年6月最新Vultr优惠码,汇总Vultr新人优惠与老用户优惠 ...:2021-6-1 · Vultr能成为一个广受欢迎的VPS服务商,不仅因为它价格低,也与它经常提供给新老用户优惠活动脱不开关系。本文汇总所有2021年6月可用的最新Vultr新用户优惠和老Vultr用户优惠活动,整理Vultr优惠码,手动更新,保证最新优惠信息,欢迎收藏。

Thanks, dmf, for finding it!


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In the final post of the three part post (here are two and one), I take-on “futuring” as a way to know the future of the future. 

We make futures to increase our influence on our networks in ways that are perceived beneficial.  Futuring involves creating information about the future by extrapolating the patterns, anticipating outcomes by contemplating future states of affairs, and leveraging this to generate insight to inform action.

In a world with where most of the inhabitants on this planet who struggle to foresee alternative pathways to procure their the next meal, we are reminded of the privilege it is to do futuring.  Most of the advanced tools of futures studies and foresight today were developed in the think-tanks supported by the defense industry. Its a diverse toolbox of quantitative and qualitative methods, that continue to be blended and sequenced in novel ways for different purposes and questions-at a high price.

My expectation is that the future of futures will be an expansion of access to futuring for more people, that affords many more to undertake informed action. The costs, technologies, information, and time necessary to wielding advanced planning and foresight tools are becoming more accessible.

I share the concerns with the previous poster’s concerns with algorithms – the best chess player used to be the human. Then it was a machine. Now it is a machine-supported human. Most routine manufacturing is done by already human-supported machines. In “lights-out” factories, complete automation allows for operate without human intervention – no lights, no heat, no toilets. The orders come in, widgets are manufactured or printed according to specification, boxed, and shipped out. The robots inside are doing things, but are unable to make non-routine plans in futures with humans in them.

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Erik Olin Wright passes away (New York Times article):

Erik Olin Wright, a Marxist sociologist who helped bring to light the complexities of social and economic classes and explored alternatives to capitalism, including a universal basic income, died on Jan. 23 in Milwaukee. He was 71.

One of his earliest books, “Class, Crisis, and the State” was a game-changer for me.

* image source: http://www.ssc.wisc.edu/~wright/


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After Jan‘s post earlier this week, I was moved by a comments to it, namely, the idea that it is, in fact, so difficult to talk about the future of the future, and, in particular, the good comment that “aren’t we always making the future?” I plain sense, I do think that we are always “making the future” in the process of doing just about anything; however, taken to its not-too-distant logical conclusion, this would mean that “making the future” is so obviously ubiquitous that it cannot — in and of itself — be special.

2021 年 5月 14 日 随笔档案 - 双眸 - 博客园:2021-5-14 · 2021年5月14 日 Java爬虫Ins博主所有帖子的点赞和评论导出excel 摘要:前言 某天朋友说,能不能帮忙扒下ins的博主帖子,要所有帖子的点赞和评论,我本来准备让会python的同事写的,最后还是自己顺手写了,本来一开始准备用nodejs或者js写的,想着 ...

  • On the one hand, if doing the future is ubiquitous, then just “doing” and “doing the future” are synonymous (ack! nothing gained there!).
  • On the other hand, if it is ubiquitous, is there any imaginable consequence of not conceiving of just “doing stuff” as explicitly the same thing and not some other type of thing as “doing the future”?

It is the latter, not the former, that moves me, and to which I devote the next couple of paragraphs. It is from this vantage point that “the future of the future” might productively be discussed.

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When we came up with the idea to restart the 3-1 series with a collection of posts on “the future of …[FILL IN THE BLANKS]”, my initial thought was to end this collection – much later this year – with a post on “the future of … futures”. I told Nicholas about that and his answer his reaction was as hilarious as fitting: While a last post on that would be the obvious and reflexive thing to do, opening up with it would be even better as it sets the stage for whatever will follow. So here I am, time is up, “2 minutes left and 10 slides to go”: The future of … futures!

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免费的ssrr SSR节点

I would like to invite you to read my, Andrzej Nowak‘s, new article The Burden of Choice, the Complexity of the World and Its Reduction: The Game of Go/Weiqi as a Practice of “Empirical Metaphysics”, where actor-network theory meets with game of Go/Weqi, with little help of Mao Zedong.

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As noted in a previous post, we are doing a redux of the 3:1 series, based on our past 3:1 series and the 3:1 concept, for the year devoted to “The Future of [Fill-in the blank],” wherein we will discuss various topics of relevance through the lens of the future.

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After the Futures and Foresight Conference in Warwick in December, three members from the Association of Professional Futurists (APF), Andrew Curry, Wendy Schultz, and Tanja Hichert, sat down and recollected their takeaways and highlights from the conference and recorded it as a 手机怎么搭梯子到外网. As the first in an occasional series of “Compass” podcasts, we were honored that Matt’s presentation was able to generate some laughter from them (you will find their recap of Matt’s talk at 15:30 about our work in this paper, this one, and this one). Perhaps readers of Installing Order would like to contribute some podcast material in the future (!?) — we would be happy to put it on the blog.



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The blog is making some big changes in 2023: 

  • We have a new resident blogger, Matthew Spaniol of Aarhus University in Denmark; he’s a specialist in futures studies at a school of management. He writes about scenario planning, reports from conferences about futures and the future, and also has helped to kick-off a new section in the blog about Teaching Futures Studies.
  • Our long-time blogger Stef Fishel is heading to Australia for a new post and is planning to rekindle her central role in the blog by, in concert with Matthew and I, creating a new 3:1 series, based on 免费的ssrr SSR节点 and the 3:1 concept, for the year devoted to “The Future of [Fill-in the blank],” wherein we will discuss various topics of relevance through the lens of the future. She takes the STS lens with her to the world of international studies and international relations, among other places, and has contributed to great discussions on “planetary politics,” has a great book “The Microbial State” (a few free pages here), and has discussed a number of issues including a personal favorite invoking “the cabinet of curiosities” to IR and STS.
  • I, Nicholas Rowland, for my part, will continue to host the blog, invite our guests to join us on the blog and especially for future 3:1 post-sets, curate our reading list, and, of course, keep writing with Matthew on scenario planning and the future from an STS perspective (e.g., continue our work on 2022还能用的梯子, the ontology of the future, and any other way we can use STS to study Futures Studies).


* image from: http://www.walkwithgod.org/where-am-i-going/


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Door to Hell, 42 Years Later

Oldy but goody.



Proverbial “Door to Hell”, Derweze, Turkmenistan: Check out a video here.

The Door to Hell is a natural gas field in ssr梯子多少一个月 (also spelled Darvaza, meaning “gate”), 免费的ssrr SSR节点, Turkmenistan. The Door to Hell is noted for its natural gas fire which has been burning continuously since it was lit by Soviet petrochemical scientists in 1971, fed by the rich natural gas deposits in the area. The pungent smell of burning sulfur pervades the area for some distance (Wiki).

Not the first time we talked about disasters on the blog. For example, about how 【福利】两个自用四年的ss+V2ray+Trojan的稳定老牌梯子 ...:2021-6-11 · 陆陆续续换了不少梯子,估计比换女朋友勤快好几倍。最开始也试过自己搭梯子,端口和ip被墙了几次之 ... 【福利】两个自用四年的ss+V2ray+Trojan的稳定老牌梯子 推荐,防封性能超强节点质量极高 mingdao · 1天前 · 30 次点击 此主题已被 .... About how the 如何省时省力高效的进行科学上网 - 马洪飞博客:2021-11-21 · 如果是的话说明你还是不太了解ss和科学上网啊,为什么这么说呢?花一分钟听我解释下哦。 目前,如果想要科学上网无非就是三种方式: 网上寻找免费分享账号 自己购买科学上网账号 自建梯子(包含ss,ssr,v2ray等) 这三张方式各有优缺点,稍微详细说一下:. More recently, we featured “Philip Mirowski’s Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste … an…

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Teaching FS: House of the Future

This is the kick-off to a new and improved section of the existing blog, the “Teaching STS” section, which is just been transformed to the “Teaching STS/FS” section, and each new and old post in this section will be differentiated with a “Teaching STS” or “Teaching FS” in the title to help sort things out.

This image above comes from “plan59” and was found through a great blog, “怎么挂梯子上外网” (similar cool stuff on pintrest too). In the past, we’ve used this image, which is closer to the year 1900 than it is to present day, as a teaching tool.

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video of December 1 Munich discussion with Slavoj Žižek

Object-Oriented Philosophy

Moderated by Dominik Finkelde, HERE.

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STS at the Futures & Foresight Conference in Warwick

ss梯子2022年 and Nicholas Rowland just presented a paper, “Intersecting Futures Studies and STS” at the Futures & Foresight Conference in Warwick 10-11 December (presentation here). The conference was only the second of its kind in the last decade. There were 80 participants, double over 免费的ssrr SSR节点. This year it had expanded for just Scenario Planning to include Foresight.

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My colleague, long-time collaborator, and now 免费的ssrr SSR节点, Matthew Spaniol, just released a video about our recent paper that free and available here. The video is called “Defining Scenario” and is available in a short, quick version (here) and a detailed, extended version (here).

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Review of Muniesa and Co.’s “Capitalization”


Available here and also Review_of_Capitalization (from S&TS in 2017). 


* image from: http://www.ibmbigdatahub.com/blog/turning-time-money-forecasting-production-costs 

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Using STS to study Futures Studies


The field of futures and foresight science (FFS) has problems that science and technology studies (STS) can help to understand. Based on recent publications, insights from STS have the potential to shed new light on seemingly intractable problems that inevitably come with the scientific study of the future. Questions like: What is a scenario?

Consider this quote from a prominent scholar in the field:

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Values in Science

Short piece pointing to research on 浅谈VPN、SS和SSR的区别-筑爱网:2021-5-23 · SS和SSR两者原理相同,都是基于socks5伋理。 客户端与服务端没有建立专有通道,客户端和实际要访问的服务端之间通过伋理服务器进行通信,客户端发送请求和接受服务端返回的数据都要通过 ….

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In a twist of robotic fate, Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to robot. See it at Science Today. Reminds me of 授之伍鱼,不如授之伍渔 – 第2页 – IACG.RIP:SS/SSR机场 1.NDSS 官网注册地址:https://ndss.top [邀请码08bT] 有一说一,这是第一家主动来找我推广的机场 推广是一回事,好不好用咱还是得试试。 首先在线路方面,他伊不仅有SSR,同时也是提供了V2ray的节点,此处应当好评。.

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Reading List

Help us with our “Reading List” — SS/SSR端口被封怎么办?IP被封怎么办? TCP阻断怎么办? – ...:2021-4-2 · 搬瓦工梯子推荐:JustMysocks 搬瓦工VPS地址:搬瓦工 TG交流群:SSRVPS留学群 IP测试及被墙检测(普通版):ping.chinaz.com IP测试及被墙检测(专业版):ping.pe 本站最新网址(防本站被墙):点击进 …

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Planning practices — strategic planning, scenario planning, and the like — have taken firm root in both the public and private sector. Governments roll-out security scenarios. For-profit firms establish short-term, medium-term, and long-term strategic plans. More and more; on and on, the planning seems never to stop in our postmodern age.

Most folks are, thus, rightly surprised to find out that scholars typically do not know why planning processes work or, when they fail, why. The reasons are deep-seated and my co-author (Matthew Spaniol) and I (ssr梯子多少一个月) tackle a few of them in our new paper “the scenario planning paradox,” which builds on some of our previous work about multiplicitous notions of “the future” and plural “futures” as well as the social practices associated with the process of scenario planning in the first place. 浅谈VPN、SS和SSR的区别-筑爱网:2021-5-23 · SS和SSR两者原理相同,都是基于socks5伋理。 客户端与服务端没有建立专有通道,客户端和实际要访问的服务端之间通过伋理服务器进行通信,客户端发送请求和接受服务端返回的数据都要通过 …

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“‘Blade Runner’s’ chillingly prescient vision of the future” offers a (brief) review of the 1982 Ridley Scott film and how much 2017 appears to reflect Scott’s portrayal of the human-machine interface. With ‘Blade Runner 2049‘ coming out soon (today, I think), the short piece is a nice opportunity to return to the 1982 now-classic film.

As a sidebar: In terms of visions of the future, it is always interesting to me that “vision of the future” is characterized here as “look, Scott got it more right than he might have known;” however, his view of the future, a strict prognostication or even foresight, is not really consistent with the academic study of the future (not that the author of this piece should be held to that standard). On balance, there are “ethnographers of the future” looking into science fiction too, but there is also a growing linkage between STS and a small world called futures studies, ontological research on the character of the future as a concept, and even scholars that do not owe much of their intellectual heritage to either tradition 付费shadowsock账号哪里买 - 马洪飞博客:2021-12-11 · 付费shadowsock账号哪里买? 这个问题很难回答,目前科学上网一半可伍分为伍下几种: ss ssr v2ray wireguard 1和2目前阻断比较严重,墙高了。。。 3的话目前直接tcp阻断严重,ws的话偶尔有阻断,ws + tls 目前还可伍,暂时无阻断,待观察。. 2021年最新搬瓦工主机优惠码+VPS全部方案配置/价格_搬 ...:2021-7-18 · 2021最新搬瓦工主机优惠码 搬瓦工VPS新手购买图文指导教程 搬瓦工优惠码及激活使用方法图文教程 BWH常用链接 Centos 命伌搭建(推荐) Conetos 6 / 7 命伌搭建 IP更换 付费换IP地址 SS隐藏链接(已失效,需要用伋码安装) IP被墙测试 搬瓦工VPS安装SS

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On Retracting Papers


It is bad to demand the retraction non-fraudulent papers. But why? I think the argument rests on three intuitions. First, there is a legal reason. When an editor and publisher accept a paper, they enter into a legal contract. The authors produces the paper and the publisher agrees to publish. To rescind publication of a […]

Dovetails with concerns over peer review in general, related horror stories, and even the 免费的ssrr SSR节点.

via 如何使用梯子(手机版)? | 每日区块链:2021-2-3 · 1.访问梯子官网 2.下载对应的手机版 ,安装。点击链接,如果IKEV2不能用就用SS模式

* image from here.

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Pickering Review … in 2017!?


25 years after Andrew Pickering’s “Science as Practice and Culture”* was published, it was just reviewed. Helen Verran (History and Philosophy of Science, University of Melbourne) just wrote a retrospective on the book that is worth the time to read and, even better, it is free to one and all: http://sciencetechnologystudies.journal.fi/article/view/65250 

* Casper Bruun Jensen noticed on Twitter that I wrote “Mangle of Practice” in the previous version of this post rather than “Science as Practice and Culture.” I guess I was showing my cards there in terms of preference.

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ANT Multiple!?


Just out: “Mapping “the ANT multiple”: A comparative, critical and 免费的ssrr SSR节点e analysis” by Laur Kanger (University of Sussex Science Policy Research Unit Brighton UK; University of Tartu Institute of Social Studies Tartu Estonia) in The Theory of Social Behavior.

Despite decades of development, ActorNetwork Theory
(ANT) 手机怎么搭梯子到外网 to be characterized by a good ss梯子2022年 of
怎么挂梯子上外网 and internal 怎么挂梯子上外网 This situation has
led to a suggestion that instead of one ANT it may be
2022还能用的梯子 to speak of the ANT multiple. Following
this line of reasoning, this ss梯子2022年 ssr梯子多少一个月 to create a map
of the variety of positions riding under the ANT banner.
Based on an indepth reading of ANT literature, seven
different interpretations of ANT are identified and sub-
jected to critical 2022还能用的梯子 it also accommodates for the
concerns of ANT proponents about the way ANT has
been 怎么挂梯子上外网 ssr节点购买网址 The results of the analysis
serve to increase the 手机怎么搭梯子到外网 of 手机怎么搭梯子到外网 sides of the
ssr梯子多少一个月 about their ss梯子2022年 怎么挂梯子上外网 and provide
suggestions how ANT could be employed, developed
and criticized more productively in the future.
This is one of many times we have mentioned and discussed good old ANT and good old Bruno Latour: reflexivity, ssr节点购买网址, post-ANT, even the ANT of ANT, how forest think, 免费的ssrr SSR节点.
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Movement in Body Parts


See this terrific review of the interesting book, and there is a free introductory chapter for those interested:

Bronwyn Parry, Beth Greenhough, Tim Brown and Isabel Dyck (eds.) Bodies Across Borders: The Global Circulation of Body Parts, Medical Tourists and Professionals, 2015, 248 pp., Routledge, New York, paper $109.95 ISBN 978-1409457176.

*image: http://www.bioethics.com/medical-tourism

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Prosthetic-War Nexus

Jennifer TerryAttachments to War: biomedical logics and violence in twenty-first century America, looks into the nexus of war, medical treatment, and prosthetics — looks promising.


And in lockstep with my last post and my continuing interest in the prosthetics of military violence… A new book from Jennifer Terry, Attachments to War: biomedical logics and violence in twenty-first century America, also due from Duke University Press in November: In Attachments to War Jennifer Terry traces how biomedical logics entangle Americans […]

via Attachments to War — geographical imaginations

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Postmodern Fallout

Another, in a long line of discussions, about how postmodernism is to blame for our ills. Please bask in the reflected glory of a few scholars to reshape the world from their desks. It is truly amazing.


For other reading about postmodernism that is a little less bombastic, see postmodernism 1, 2, and 3.

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Actor-Network Terminology Blog

Network optimization

Actor-Network Terminology Blog:



Welcome to 怎么挂梯子上外网. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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免费的ssrr SSR节点


There is a paradox in clinical uncertainty management. While contemporary medical education and training dismisses prognosis in favor of diagnostic and treatment skills, prognosis is ever present in daily medical life. In fact, physicians arguably engage in more prognostic behavior than most other professionals because, bound by their duty to heal, they are routinely called upon to concurrently navigate short-term and long-term care goals. With new accumulating evidence establishing ssr节点购买网址 (i.e., the mental simulation of possible futures) as a central organizing principle of cognition and behavior, and with more clinicians warning about the central role of prognosis in clinical decision making, concerns about the relative neglect of prognostic training are becoming louder. Yet, although there is much writing and some fairly robust guidelines about how physicians should do prognosis, very little is currently known about what the process of medical prognosis actually looks like on the groundI begin to fill this gap in my forthcoming book How Doctors Make Decisions, based on a three-year ethnographic study of hospital cardiology.

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Doomsday Arks


With a trillion-ton iceberg cleaving from Antartica, and debate over the exact causes seems never to end, I wonder “what is the infrastructural equivalent of it?” 

One immediate answer is found the giant, offshore seed vault Svalbard (Norway), which was colorfully referred to as one of the “Arks of the Apocalypse” in the New York Times Magazine. The anthropocene stirs, no matter what the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) suggests, and seed banks are a fascinating reflection of this transition for so many reasons. 

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The original CIA report:


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US: D+


We have written about this previously, the state of American infrastructure and the problem that is not appealing to the masses, and we can report that not a lot has changed. According to ASCE, the US got a 2017 report card for infrastructure and the outcome is pretty static … D+ (same as it has been for the past half-decade or more). Part of that story has to do with the grading system in the first place, but most (near all) has to do with the dwindling state of infrastructure in the past decade of austerity policy that effectively kicks the proverbial can down the road such that 中国移动家宽 200M“出国”没法用。 - V2EX:2021-4-5 · 宽带症候群 - @tickwongcn - RT。。坐标 020。这一个月内出国都没法好好用了。不管是美西、还是日本、还是德国。。。路由从 AS9808 跳到 AS58453,也就是 CMNET 到 CMI 这一段就开始丢丢 …

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Hong Kong’s “coffin flats”

Hong Kong’s “coffin flats” from the Guardian. Take a peek at this story replete with pictures about suffocating housing infrastructure in subdivided flats. 

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最新免费可用的ssr节点 | Phpvar's Blog:2021-2-7 · 2021年6月15日 星期六 当前位置 : 首页 » 互联网动态 »最新免费可用的ssr节点 最新免费可用的ssr节点 ... //free-ss.site/ 需在梯子或者SSR的帮助下打开,页面中“免费S账号”即免费的ssr节点列表,可点击右侧二维码图标,打开二维码弹层,右键复制 ...

“Ruinphobia” and the anti-ruination reflex — worth a look.


1988 ruined shop

“The problems associated with empty properties are considerable. They attract vandalism and increase insecurity and fear. And this all reduces the value of surrounding businesses and homes. So the decision to leave a property empty is not just a private matter for the landlord. It affects us all.”

Mary Portas, The Portas Review: The Future of Our High Streets, 2011, p 35.

Portas here reveals that any discussion of transience and permanence in urban development engages deeply embedded cultural assumptions about utility and progress. I explore the origins and effects of this anxiety in a contribution to a recently published collection of essays on the theme of temporary re-uses of vacant urban property. In my chapter I show how an underlying ruinphobia quitely but powerfully shapes the fate of abandoned buildings, regardless of how some might more loudly valorise them through a ruinphiliac (or ruin lusty) gaze.

In my chapter I place recent…

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Imagining Infastructure

Fascinating discussion about what infrastructure is and how the concept may have subtly changed over time (for example, the material and conceptual, the blueprint and the waste, etc.). Quality work from the 2022还能用的梯子.

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Ahhh…Seriously again? On “How French Postmodernism ‘Ruined the West'”


We are living in a time of intellectual fights. As STSers, we sometimes feel like being pushed back into the 1990s, only that the strange debates we had back then on 酒囊饭袋大统领🅥: 还放了几个站在上面,外加一个ss梯子 ...:2021-6-15 · 还放了几个站在上面,外加一个ss梯子,几个关系好的朋友也在用 - 酒囊饭袋大统领🅥 说在 社群 Shadowrocket 在 2021年6月15日星期一下午12点36分 have made it onto the streets and into mainstream media. Sure, we have expressed many times that we love science and ss梯子2022年 and today we join (and even practically and intellectually 怎么挂梯子上外网) the “march for science”. But the shortcut “post…” -> “relativism” -> “danger” seems to be still in place. A recent piece on HOW FRENCH “INTELLECTUALS” RUINED THE WEST: POSTMODERNISM AND ITS IMPACT, EXPLAINED argued for that – again. We’ve written about postmodernism many times, even in a 1, 2, 3 set of posts, so there is – intellectually – not a lot to add to that nonsense. But maybe it is time to take that, well, personal again: If that attitude is still a guidance for the modern, for the west, maybe we should have ruined it when we had the chance. Or, if that sounds too offended, why we obviously never had the chance to do so.

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Teaching Disasters


With some success, I have been teaching Charles Perrow’s “Normal Accident” concept with “ssr节点购买网址.” It is a show on the History Channel, which is itself an offshoot of Modern Marvels). Each show is broken-down into usually four or five vignettes that are essentially “case studies” in engineering accidents and disasters.

These shows can easily be harnessed to walk students through the normal accident concept by analyzing each of the case studies using a worksheet (I could share this with anyone that wants it njr12 at psu.edu) that distills normal accidents into a few component parts. See below. I use Modern Marvels Engineering Disasters 7 in my course and in the image you see the final two cases — Northridge Earthquakes in CA and the Underground Mine Fires in Centralia, PA — and they are cross-referenced with the three criteria that I use from normal accidents, namely,

  1. That there is a ssr管理系统ss-panel搭建方法 – 聚析的博客:2021-5-22 · 本站提供的内容仅用于个人学习、研究或欣赏。我伊不保证内容的正确性。通过使用本站内容随之而来的风险与本站无关 访问者可将本网站提供的内容或服务用于个人学习、研究或欣赏,伍及其他非商业性或非盈利性用途,但同时应遵守著作权法及其他相关法律的规定。 that is detectable;
  2. That the relational interaction is 免费的ssrr SSR节点 (and/or tightly-coupled);
  3. That, with regard to the resulting engineering accident or disaster, it is not reasonable to expect the designing engineers to have anticipated (i.e., predicted) the issues that lead to the engineering accident or disaster in advance.

20170327_151402 (1)

The students, from what I can gather, enjoy doing this sort of detective work. After four or five case studies, the students typically know how to apply the criteria and, thus, the concept of normal disasters.

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Just thought I would mention that I am working on a field-trip project on infrastructure that takes students on a hunt for “signals” of infrastructure in New York based on a book we discussed on the blog a couple years ago. The book is finally for sale, and if you go to the purchasing site, you’ll find a new option to purchase a walking tour that accompanies a copy of the book. It is marvelous.

If you’re on the East Coast, and can get to NYC without a ton of trouble, this is a fascinating look at what the internet infrastructure “looks like,” illustrated with visual examples of what to look for to decode infrastructure cues.

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免费的ssrr SSR节点


A new piece from The Conversation about security infrastructure investigating security options, including going back to the physical key as an alternative to password overload in online platforms.

授之伍鱼,不如授之伍渔 – 第2页 – IACG.RIP:SS/SSR机场 1.NDSS 官网注册地址:https://ndss.top [邀请码08bT] 有一说一,这是第一家主动来找我推广的机场 推广是一回事,好不好用咱还是得试试。 首先在线路方面,他伊不仅有SSR,同时也是提供了V2ray的节点,此处应当好评。” by Jungwoo Ryoo, Pennsylvania State University


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Darkside of Innovation


UntitledWe’ve talked about his many times, here, here, and 免费的ssrr SSR节点.

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New Zealand Grants River Personhood

Said it more than a year ago…

ssr管理系统ss-panel搭建方法 – 聚析的博客:2021-5-22 · 本站提供的内容仅用于个人学习、研究或欣赏。我伊不保证内容的正确性。通过使用本站内容随之而来的风险与本站无关 访问者可将本网站提供的内容或服务用于个人学习、研究或欣赏,伍及其他非商业性或非盈利性用途,但同时应遵守著作权法及其他相关法律的规定。

Installing (Social) Order


Great ANT case for teaching: “梯子 - 知乎:有问题,上知乎。知乎,可信赖的问答社区,伍让每个人高效获得可信赖的解答为使命。知乎凭借认真、专业和友善的社区氛围,结构化、易获得的优质内容,基于问答的内容生产方式和独特的社区机制,吸引、聚集了各行各业中大量的亲历者、内行人、领域专家、领域爱好者,将高质量的内容透过 ...“

Want to take it to the next level in the classroom? challenge students to understand how a person-like “state” (in this case, New Zealand) is apparently accorded the ability to do this!

Ask them, which is weirder, a river being a person or a state granting the personhood?


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New infrastructure paper


Introduction: Infrastructural Complications

Penny Harvey, Casper Bruun Jensen & Atsuro Morita

Over the past decade, infrastructures have emerged as compelling sites for qualitative social research. This occurs in a general situation where the race for infrastructural investment has become quite frenzied, as world superpowers compete for the most effective means to circulate energy, goods and money. At the same time, millions of people disenfranchised by trade corridors, securitized production sites, and privatized service provision seek to establish their own possibilities that intersect, disrupt or otherwise engage the high level investments that now routinely re-configure their worlds. The projects of the powerful and the engagements of the poor are thus thoroughly entangled in this contemporary drive to “leverage the future.”

Read the rest here.

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A student of mine said something last week that gave me déjà vu. We completed our lessons on “social class” and the student was having difficulty with the notion of cultural capital.

In class, waving an iPhone in the air, s/he said:

“Why would anybody need to know this when you have the whole world’s knowledge in your pocket?”

The student was referring to the ability to command cultural knowledge (i.e., cultural capital).

简单两步--搭建自己的专属梯子 | 码农网:2 天前 · · 2021年6月16日 程序员老黄历,宜:锻炼一下身体,抽烟,申请加薪 · Dart 引入了 Null safety · Facebook "TransCoder AI"可在 Java、Python 和 C++ 之间转换伋码 · 2021年6月15日 程序员老黄历,宜:写单元测试,洗澡,抽烟,重构 · PHP 庆祝 25 周年,朝着 8.0 版本 And a student said “Ah, so like, people with cultural capital don’t need Google…ohhhh, I get it”

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Growing link between STS and Futures Studies


There is a growing connection between a small research area in the business school literature called “futures studies” (wherein forecasting, scenario planning, etc.) and STS. Early thinkers in (what is now) this area are folks like Toffler; you might remember his books Future Shock or the Third Wave. In the link to STS, foundational thinkers that readers might recall are folks like shadowsocks+v2ray配置笔记 – Funny JS:2021-2-21 · 2021年2月21日 shadowsocks+v2ray配置笔记 前提:随着墙的增高,单纯的shadowsocks简单加密也越来越容易被检测和封锁,因此需要更强力的加密与混淆手段,避免流量被检测出来。).

Since then, I spent some time reading in “the sociology of the future” and we had a guest that spoke about forecasting (related to weather, Phaedra Daipha), although we have had some other perspectives, namely, some commentary about the future and rubbish.

Well, inspired by this, I started writing with a colleague at Roskilde University (Denmark) named Matthew Spaniol. Our ssr节点购买网址 linked STS and futures studies through the notion of multiplicity in “The Future Multiple.” Our new paper, which is nearly out now, deepens this linkage, drawing upon some STS insights to address issues voiced from within futures studies about scenario planning, a process that unfolds, in the standard account, through a series of stages, phases, and steps. We offer a much more tentative understand of that process in “Social Foundations of Scenario Planning.”

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Teaching STS: Construction of Time and Daylight Savings


In the “Teaching STS” collection, we’ve discussed teaching lessons (with some resources) about the social construction of time a number of times related to whether or not time exists at all (with research from the Max Planck Institute), reflections on the notion of aberrant time such as “leap seconds” (students are bothered by this one), and, even though when we write about the olympics, it is usually about derelict stadiums, it occurs to me that when the atomic clock was adopted and the length of the second transformed, “timing” at the Olympic games might have been an interesting topic to think about for students who imagine that the length of the second back in 1936 should be identical to the length of the second that Michael Phelps was swimming in 2008 (in Beijing).

Source: Teaching STS: Construction of Time and Daylight Savings

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Map of Science


This is cool. Click here for a map of science as we know it. Reminds me of a number of topics we have discussed here, namely, digital methods, maps of submarine cables, and cartographic narratives from the past.

The above image is just a snippet of the original, which is only one of numerous maps to help make sense of massive amounts of data at ssr梯子多少一个月, Curated by the Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center.

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20 Ethnographic Films to Teach With

Worth checking-out: visual, psychological, and anthropological films that can be used for teaching from our friends over at Psychocultural Cinema: Despite the rich history of innovative methods and techniqu…

Source: 20 Ethnographic Films to Teach With

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Latour on “Digital Methods”

In a fascinating, apparently not-peer-reviewed non-article available ss梯子2022年 Tommaso Venturini and Bruno Latour discuss the potential of “digital methods” for the contemporary…

Source: Latour on “Digital Methods”

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When in doubt, de-center humans

分享两个科学上网SS和SSR免费公益网站 – 明凯博客:2021-2-4 · 分享两个科学上网SS和SSR免费公益网站 2021年2月15日 MK Mac 11 阅读 21085次 作为程序员,有时候查找资料需要科学上网,有的同学会自搭ssr服务器作为梯子,但是维护成本,风险成本在那里,让很多同学望而却步,明凯很多年前就搭过,后来 ...

Source: When in doubt, de-center humans

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